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Credit: Irina Gonzalez

I have a deep love for Latin food, which might come as a surprise to anyone reading Food Truck Lovin’ since I have yet to review a food truck that has one of my favorite foods. That’s why this week I knew what I had to do. I had to head to the Taco Bite truck immediately.

As I approached the bright blue truck with the fun lettering, I was intrigued by the huge menu and the amount of possible combinations. I’m not great at math so I honestly couldn’t tell you, but I know there’s a ton. [embedgallery id=114005]

Their menu consists of three basic items: tacos (soft corn tortilla or crunchy shell), burrito (filled with rice, beans, cheese and sauce in a flour tortilla) or a quesadilla (flour tortilla with shredded Monterrey Jack and cheddar cheese). But then things get a little complicated. You can choose from many different insides (chicken, steak, ground beef, carnitas, spicy pork, chorizo and more) and five different sauces (picante rojo, salsa verde, pineapple BBQ, chipotle mayo or avocado delight). If you want, you can even have “mango bite” (a spicy sauce) or sour cream. The best part, though, is the Mexican soda, Jarritos.


The combinations are truly endless.

As I pondered on my very important lunch decision, I settled on a hard shell grilled chicken taco with pineapple BBQ (topped off with onions and cilantro) and a nopales taco with the “avocado delight” sauce (topped with lettuce and cheese).

If you’ve never had nopales (also known as cactus, yes really!), then you’re in for a treat. I was very surprised to find that they are watery, squishy and very salty. I’ve actually never had cactus before and I find it surprisingly pleasant, though I think next time I will have it with a sweeter sauce. The tacos, though, were truly divine--my only regret is that I haven’t had the chance to try the burrito or quesadilla yet. But if the tacos are any indication, we’re all in for a REAL treat.

If you’re craving a taco in countless variations (and, seriously, why wouldn’t you be?), then check out tacobite.com, see what they’re up to on Facebook or follow them on Twitter for their latest delicious locations. And yes, you definitely should because unbelievable tacos are absolutely always worth it. Yum!

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