Metro rounds up the latest in gadgetry and gizmos to transform your standard bicycle into a high-tech and high-performance ride.

1 A jacket to be seen in

Presented at CES 2015, the Visijax Commuter Jacket has received high honors because of its numerous high-tech utilities and advantages. With a total of 23 integrated high intensity LEDs on its front and back, with white and red colors, it’s considered the perfect garment for a biker that faces the traffic, specially at night. It works with one-touch operation and is powered by a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This jacket is also rain-resistant and made of a breathable lightweight fabric. Its sleeves use motion-activation that self-cancels turn signals, so when the cyclist raises their arm it engages and then stop when he/she lower the arm after turning. At Amazon, $159.95


2 Remember to pedal ‘smart’


Developed by the French company Connected Cycle, the Smart Pedal may be the answer to help protect your bike from being stolen. Or even assist you in finding it when you have left it in a massive parking lot. The pedal has GPS, a GPRS connection and a sensor embedded inside, sending an instant notification to the owner’s smartphone when the bicycle has taken an unwarranted trip. The pedal works anywhere in the world and generates its own energy to power the geolocation technology.Due to start its Indiegogo campaign in the coming months, the price is TBC.


3 Don’t let the rain wreck your ride

It appears that the age-old problem of cycling in the rain without getting drenched has been solved with the LeafxPro, the ‘umbrella for your bike’. Developed to handle with various shapes and sizes, this very functional and versatile device can be attached to any type of bicycle. The aerodynamic design will guarantee the user can face winds of up to 80 km/h (50 mph) without any problems.After a campaign at Kickstarter that didn’t finish as expected, the creators of LeafxPro are focusing on new ways to launch. Until now the price is around $153.


4 Making your bike “smarter”

If your intention is to upgrade technologically your bike, COBI may help you. Having your smartphone as a dashboard, you can add over 100 features, between applications and devices, to your regular bicycle transforming it in a smart-connected vehicle. The system works wirelessly with the mobile on the handlebar of the bike. But there’s also a small separate controller that allows the biker to navigate the apps and functions in an easy way, just using a single finger.The system also has an integrated headlight that offers illumination and visibility up front. The back is provided with a separate tail light.COBI was a success at Kickstarter, having been funded in the beginning of the year. The price is $159.


5 Let’s protect your head

By using MIPS technology, which means Multidirectional Impact Protection System, the cycling helmet Giro Aeon promises to reduce dangerous rotational impact energy on the brain in case you have a crash. Developed by scientists at the Karolinska Hospital and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, the headgear is equipped with an interior foam liner that deforms and redirects the shock, just like a second skull would do to protect you. What’s more, the device is lightweight and has increased ventilation. Beyond Aeon, Giro have other different helmets available and later this year they’ll launch new helmets for sporting activities at the snow.Around $200 and $250, depending on the distributors around the world.

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