Prep Pad

For those who really want to ‘connect’ with cooking, here’s a range of intelligent culinary paraphernalia that will turn you from a can’t-boil-an-egg novice to a master chef.

Time for some ‘smart’ coffee

How about making your morning brew with a click and swipe on your smartphone? That’s exactly how the Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew Coffee Maker runs. You just have to schedule or adjust the brewing time on an app and set up reminders so the machine will have hot and fresh coffee anytime you want. It brews coffee 20% faster in comparison with others thermal coffee makers, which means you can have a full pot in less than eight minutes. Available at, $149.99


Tip the scale in your favor


This gadget puts the science back into cooking: the Drop kitchen connected scale is perfect for chefs who sweat over the precise grams and teaspoons. Put a bowl on top of the Bluetooth-enabled scale and start dropping in the ingredients. Your smartphone app will then alert when it’s time to stop and continue with other instructions. The recipes available are all tested and easy-to-follow. Drop works with iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad 3rd generation, iPad 4th generation, iPad Air and iPad Air 2. Available at, $99


Shopping lists made in a cinch

Treat this dainty gizmo as your grocery list assistant: Hiku compiles your weekly shop by scanning the barcodes of different products or using voice recognition to jot down the food item you say. The gadget comes with a magnet so you can handily stick it to the door of your refrigerator. Hiku syncs with an Android or iOS app so your shopping list will be saved directly onto your smartphone.Available at, $79


Weighing up your food options

If you’re all about quantifying what you eat, the Prep Pad connected kitchen device will be to your tastes. The smart culinary device calculates the nutritional content of the food item you place on its scale, giving you a break down of carbs, fats, protein and other constituents. So, by using it, you can create more balanced meals and track your progress as you begin eating in a healthy way. All the information is transferred to an iPad app. The Prep Pad can also sync with wellbeing wearables such as the Jawbone UP. Avaiable at, $99.95 (limited time sale - regularly $149.95)


Flashy in the pan

Cooking can get a bit ‘smarter’ with Pantelligent, the latest kitchenware success from Kickstarter. The 12-inch (30.5-cm) non-stick frying pan, equipped with a Bluetooth-enabled temperature sensor, ensures that burned meals will be a thing of the past. The intelligent pan relays information to a smartphone app, feeding you instructions on what to do next in your recipe. It even sends alerts if the chef has wandered off for too long. The pan’s Teflon nonstick coating is rated to last up to 5 years, depending on what heat you cook with. Available at, Price TBC.


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