Feeling the stress of everyday life? Then, feast your eyes on these nifty gadgets, games and apps that’ll help you keep calm and find your zen.

1. Noisli

This app can produce many different sounds to help the user chill out, like, for example, waves lapping on a shore, a crackling log fire, a distant rain or rus- tling leaves. Noisli also have another very nice visual feature: it changes the colors of the app’s back- ground to provide the benefits of chromotherapy with the purpose of relieving anxiety.For iOS, $1.99


2. Pip


Pip is a stress management device that uses a sensor to measure and analyze your stress levels according to the electrical changes that occur on the surface of your skin (a phenomenon called Electro Dermal Activity {EDA}). Using proprietary algorithms and data processing technology, the gizmo utilizes apps that focus on teaching you how to recognize stress, cope with it and feel better and relaxed.
At Thepip.com, $179.


3. Calm

With this tool, theuser will experiencea simple meditation that can make a huge diffe3rence in their life. The Calm app bringsa tranquil scene with the intention of letting the mind drift and the spirits soar. The user can do it by themselves or choose a guided meditation. The idea here is to seehow taking a few moments out of theday can make your overall life much healthier.For iOS and Android, free.


4. Shiatsu foot massager

There’s nothing better to deal stress than a very nice and long foot massage. If you can’t afford your own personal masseuse, you may like the HoMedics FMS- 270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager, a device that focus only on one part of the body, but promises a complete and relaxing shiatsu experience. It’s just not recommended for use by diabetics.At Amazon.com, $59.99.


5. Flowy

Those who suffer from panic attacks or a high level of anxiety may be interested in Flowy, an application to play and learn how to breathe and stay calm5, no matter the situation. In the game, you have to guide a boat back home and pass through different obstacles. During its route, you will be asked to go through some useful breathing techniques. Its creators claims Flowy will make you feel calmer with 90 seconds of gameplay. For iOS and Android, free.

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