Scandal alert! Star magazine is reporting that Chris Martin (aka: Mr. Gwyneth Paltrow) was seen publicly making out with actress Kate Bosworth a few weeks ago during a U2 concert in Las Vegas. Apparently, there were several eyewitnesses to the event.


Let’s weigh this bombshell allegation, shall we? 1. There have been rumors of Martin stepping out on Paltrow before (and Bosworth looks like a mini-Paltrow). 2. But, all of their reps deny this ever happened (naturally). 3. They were at a U2 concert. In Las Vegas. Martin is British — he probably has better taste than this. 4. Or it could just be that the scarily skinny Bosworth was just hungry, and perhaps Martin had some leftover ketchup on his face from a hastily eaten corn dog, and her starving body went carnal and she had no choice but to lap it up.