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Top 10 jobs in America in 2017: Glassdoor

The tech industry continues to be where it's at when it comes to job satisfaction, availability and earning potential.
For the second year, data scientist tops Glassdoor's annual ranking. Pixabay

If you’re looking to make a career change in 2017, you’re in luck.

Glassdoor just released its ranking of the 50 best jobs in America.With 14 positions on the job and recruiting marketplace’s annual list, tech remains one of the hottest industries to make a living. Data scientist claimed the top spot for the second year in a row.

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To compile its ranking, Glassdoorlooked at potential salaries, the amount of job openings (as of Jan. 1) and overall job satisfaction based on ratings shared by U.S. employees over the past year.


“This report reinforces that the best jobs are highly-skilled and are staying ahead of the growing trend toward workplace automation,” Glassdoor Chief Economist Andrew Chamberlain said. “Nearly half the list is comprised of jobs within the fast-growing technology, healthcare and finance industries.”

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The time to find a job in these sectors has never been better as Chamberlain added that any company “with a mobile app, web presence or digitized data are struggling to fill jobs like data scientists, software engineers and mobile developers.”

Glassdoor’s Top 10:

1. Data Scientist
Job satisfaction rating: 4.4
Total job openings: 4,184
Median base salary: $110K

2. DevOps Engineer
Job satisfaction rating: 4.2
Total job openings: 2,725
Median base salary: $110K

3. Data Engineer
Job satisfaction rating: 4.3
Total job openings: 2,599
Median base salary: $106K

4. Tax Manager
Job satisfaction rating: 4.0
Total job openings: 3,317
Median base salary: $110K

5. Analytics Manager
Job satisfaction rating: 4.1
Total job openings: 1,958
Median base salary: $112K

6. HR Manager
Job satisfaction rating: 3.8
Total job openings: 4,339
Median base salary: $85K

7. Database Administrator
Job satisfaction rating: 3.8
Total job openings: 2,877
Median base salary: $93K

8. Strategy Manager
Job satisfaction rating: 4.3
Total job openings: 1,184
Median base salary: $130K

9. UX Designer
Job satisfaction rating: 4.0
Total job openings: 1,691
Median base salary: $92,500

10. Solutions Architect
Job satisfaction rating: 3.7
Total job openings: 2,232
Median base salary: $125K