Getting your hands on a car that’s got the looks without blowing the budget can be tough. But help is at hand, thanks to Kelley Blue Book, the California-based vehicle valuation company, which has come up with a guide to the 10 most “attractive and affordable” motors on the market.

1. Mazda 3
The Mazda 3 offers an exciting performance and excellent fuel efficiency. With a 2.5-liter engine, it is estimated that the vehicle manages to deliver up to 40 miles per gallon. Plus the vehicle achieves up to 184 horsepower.

2. Honda Civic
This tenth generation Civic promises gas mileage up to 42 mpg. It accommodates up to five passengers and comes with a 2.0-liter DOHC i- VTEC four-cylinder engine. This car, which delivers up to 158 horsepower, has received the award for the best buy of the year among small cars, according to Kelley Blue Book.

3. Jeep Renegade
The interior of the Jeep Renegade 2016 is an incredible combination of intelligent technology, cool colors and innovative materials. With a 2.4-liter engine, it achieves up to 31 mpg. All Renegade 4x4 models are equipped with Selec-Terrain to enhance traction and it comes with four drive modes: automatic, snow, sand and mud.

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4. Volkswagen Golf
Its four-cylinder 2.0-liter engine generates 290 horsepower and has a direct-shift gearbox (DSG). The interior is particularly refined, beating its rivals like the Subaru WRX STI. It also has 18-inch rims.

5. Kia Soul
With a good mix of technology and performance, the 2016 Kia Soul offers a 1.6-liter four valve engine attached to a six-speed transmission. One of the features that makes this vehicle cool is its available color palette, ranging from Caribbean blue to Latte brown.

6. Hyundai Veloster

This has an asymmetrical door design, with two on the right and one on the left. Apparently this slightly bizarre-looking feature means that the 1.6-liter motor can offer the practicality of a hatchback with the style of a coupe.

7. Fiat 500

The new Fiat 500 Sporting brings fun and sophistication in a sporty and original concept, without losing the style and dynamism of the Italian firm. It has a 1.4-liter engine and 16 valves, while promising up to 101 horsepower.

8. Honda Fit
The Fit’s design includes a rear spoiler with the same body color and a unique grille design, along with aluminum rims and LED lights. The motor comes with an i-VTEC engine with Earth Dreams technology, which achieves up to 130 horsepower. And there are five fun colors to choose from.

9. Ford Fiesta
The unique design of the Ford Fiesta shows that something can be cool and accessible at the same time. As one of the most popular compact cars in America, the Ford Fiesta is presented to customers as a dynamic and fun car with agile handling, all at an attractive price. Its engine options range from a 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine to the sporty 1.6-liter EcoBoost.

10. Chevrolet Sonic

The Chevrolet Sonic has a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine. Thanks to this, it can reach up to 115 horsepower. With the four-door option, 16-inch chrome rims and a dual-port grille with chrome edges are included.

—Viktor Rodríguez-Velázquez

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