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The 10 types of people you meet online

Find out if your profile matches one of these common types. Credit: Goodshoot Find out if your profile matches one of these common types.
Credit: Goodshoot

Does it ever seem like online dating profiles tend to get a little repetitive?

It turns out you are not the only one to have noticed. The customer service team at the popular dating site Plenty of Fish say they’ve identified 10 common types among its daily users based on the way the site’s daters interact with one another.

Check out the full list below to see if your profile (or that of your crush) fits into any of these categories. Recognize yourself? Some self-reflection and a thorough revision of your profile might be in order.

The Sobber

She probably really isn’t ready to date yet, but is tentatively giving online dating a try.

Sample profile quote: Look for references to an ex-boyfriend and questions like “Are there any good guys out there?”


The Hot Non-Responder

This dater is not looking for a steady commitment — she wants to have some fun.

Sample profile quote: “My friends made me sign up for this” — insinuating that she really doesn’t want to be online.

Carmen Sandiego

Like her namesake, this mystery woman is hard to pin down.

Sample profile quote: Carmen doesn’t have one, as she doesn’t share much about herself online.

The “Woo!” Girl

You’ll recognize the “Woo!” immediately — she’s the one pictured with three of her best friends at a bar in her profile photo.

Identifying characteristic:She’s outgoing, flirty and spontaneous.

The Queen Bee

This one is self-explanatory. She’s used to being at the center of attention.

How you can impress her: Think of an interesting, unconventional first date.

The World Traveler

This amateur explorer has crossed the globe several times — and won’t hesitate to mention it.

Typical profile photo: It’s set in an exotic locale most people only know of from watching the Travel Channel.

The Relic

You know the “half your age plus 7” rule? This guy has never heard of it.

The Spammer

He messages and likes with abandon.

Sample message: Beware of messages that seem like they’ve been copied and pasted to 10 other profiles.

The Dog Whisperer

As you might have guessed, his profile frequently mentions his canine companions.

The Hopeful Romantic

He is probably divorced, but that hasn’t stopped him from looking for true love.

Profile characteristics: He likes the words “‘loyal,” “compassionate” and “commitment.”

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