Sake 68

Five star fare you can get delivered in a brown paper bag.


You probably turn to Seamless mostly when you're too lazy to cook or when you're craving something specific. So what do you do when you're craving some nice kobe steak? Or, as it turns out, a huge jar of Nutella. Well, you can get that delivered, too. Your Seamless order doesn't have to be all cheap Chinese takeout or pizza. Here, Seamless shares their five most expensive options:


1. Prime 28 oz. bone-in strip loin at Parlor Steakhouse (1600 3rd Ave.) Price: $95


2. Big Nutella Jar, La Panineria (1 West 8th St.) Price: $90


3. Supreme Omakase at Sake 68 (68 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck, NY) Price: $88


4. Grilled 12 Ounce Kobe Ribeye at TAO (42 E. 58th St.) Price: $85

5. Kobe Steak at Sushi Ya (949 Franklin Ave., Garden City, NY): $80