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The 7 Best Hydrating Hair Oils for Winter

Don't underestimate the powers of frigid temperatures, biting winds and central heating to damage your hair. These oils can help.

Aesop Shine Hydrating Hair Oil, $35 Aesop Shine Hydrating Hair Oil, $35

So many of us assume that the only time our locks deserve a little TLC — a smother of coconut oil, a drop of shea butter – is once they've been frazzled by the burning sun and dipped in sea salt. Once summer is over, you switch to richer conditioner, slip on a beanie and voilà. But that won’t be enough.Frigid temperatures outdoors, central heating indoors and biting winds can do just as much damage to your hair as 12-day beach vacay. To help, we’ve rounded up oils formulated with the most nourishing ingredients including avocado, olive or argan to oil, to keep your hair hydrated over winter — despite the blasting heat of the hairdryer. Click through for our picks.


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