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The app Vent brings complaining — and nothing else — to social media

The social media app vent is built for one thing and one thing only: complaining to the outside world.

Need to complain? You can on Vent, a new app. Credit: Vent Need to complain? You can on Vent, a new app.
Credit: Vent

Device: iOS (Android coming soon)

Emotions. We all have them (so I hear). The thing is, we don’t always feel comfortable letting friends and family know about them, particularly if we are just annoyed at something stupid. That’s where this new app Vent comes in, allowing you to, uh, vent anonymously to the Western sprawl that is the Internet.

Vent is a social network, of sorts, built around complaining. You can make your profile as anonymous as you like and there is even a search function that filters via emotion. As it is essentially a social network, you can even follow people who vent just the way you like. The whole thing is strangely addictive. Now, of course, the app cannot promise you’ll feel better after dishing on how you just wasted 45 minutes in line at the pharmacy, but hey, it’s worth a try.


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