Christina Aragon, director of Strategy and Consumer Insights at, breaks down the Mars versus Venus of the home market.

1. What are single ladies looking for when they rent or buy a home?


According to our data, 72 percent of single women cited a safe neighborhood as their must-have feature, while 13 percent of single women told us their No. 1 requirement was enough closet and storage space. Another 8 percent wanted a spacious kitchen above all else.


2. Are single ladies more likely to buy or rent? Why?


According to our survey, 36 percent of single women rent their current homes, while 54 percent are homeowners and another 10 percent live with friends or family for free. The likelihood of a single woman being a homeowner versus a renter can be most highly correlated to age; the older the woman, the more likely she is to own the home.


3. What’s the biggest difference between what a single man is looking for in a home versus a single woman?


We found it interesting that while 42 percent of single men wanted to have eligible bachelorettes as neighbors, only 14 percent of single females felt the same way toward their male counterparts. In terms of neighbor preferences, our survey found that single females preferred to have families with children (30 percent) or married couples without children (25 percent) close by. Furthermore, single women shared that they would even prefer to have people with pets as neighbors (24 percent), instead of having single men next door.’s top 10 cities for bachelorettes.

These cities were chosen because each boast a high single male-to female ratio, lively nightlife, low divorce rate and/or low cost of living.”

1. Phoenix, AZ
tops the list for single ladies seeking love with a high single male-to-female ratio and a low cost of living. Add in plenty of sunshine and warm-weather activities, and your dating life is already looking up! Whether you’re climbing the iconic Camelback Mountain or enjoying a legendary martini at Durant’s Fine Foods, Phoenix’s dating scene is both exhilarating and posh.

2. Seattle, WA has a lot going for it – an exciting music scene, hip coffee bars and more. With plenty of single men to go around and a reasonable cost of living, and this city is by far one of the coolest places for bachelorettes! Despite whether you’re looking for a scene that’s metro or natural, Seattle has it all. Hanging out in the long line at the original Starbucks in Pike Place Market is sure to be a hot spot for scoping out true Seattleites.

3. Austin, TX
is the up-and-coming capital for creative singles. The low cost of living, large tech scene and fresh vibe create an exciting community with plenty of opportunities to mingle. Even better – there are more single men than women! We can’t think of a better first date than enjoying a music festival or concert in the live music capital of the world.

4. Denver, CO has a reputation for a lively bar scene and active, outdoorsy men – what more could a girl as for? With a favorable male-to-female ratio and reasonable cost of living, it isn’t difficult to have the time of your life. Single ladies are sure to find plenty of eligible bachelors enjoying a Colorado Rockies game at Coors Field or hiking the nearby Rocky Mountains.

5. Washington, DC is home to powerful, civically-minded men with cultural charm, and a low divorce rate adds to the appeal of settling down on Capitol Hill. Take a tour of the National Mall monuments at night or enjoy the cherry blossoms by day. For the best view of the city, meet your date at the clock tower at the Old Post Office Building.

6. Chicago, IL has plenty of friendly neighborhoods for single ladies to settle down without settling. A fun bar and restaurant scene coupled with a low divorce rate makes Chicago one of our top picks for bachelorette living. Enjoy dinner or a concert at the House of Blues for a funky date night with your guy.

7. Los Angeles, CA makes the list for both bachelors and bachelorettes because of its legendary nightlife and fairly equal ratio of single men to single women. Hip beaches make LA the perfect spot for California girls hoping to catch an eligible bachelor. For the hottest restaurants and live music, the Sunset Strip is the place to see and be seen.

8. Las Vegas, NV
is a paradise for bachelorettes looking to live the high life. A city dedicated to nightlife can only be made better by a high ratio of unmarried men to women. Check out some of the legendary nightclubs like Carnaval Court at Harrah’s for the true Strip experience. Added bonus: when you decide to finally settle down, there are plenty of places to get hitched!

9. New York, NY is a dating playground for all single ladies. Finding happiness in the Big Apple is easy, providing opportunities to meet some of the most ambitious, cultured men in the country. Enjoy a romantic Italian dinner at Erminia Restorante on the Upper East Side, or take in a Broadway show for a sophisticated evening on the town.

10. San Jose, CA
houses the eligible bachelors of Silicon Valley, who are just waiting for single ladies to arrive. Bachelorettes can find their intellectual match in a city where men easily outnumber women. For a true Silicon Valley adventure date, take a trip to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk or the roller coasters at Great America.