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All of the pricey face cream in the world can’t save your face and body from the following common pitfalls we all succumb to during the work day. So we enlisted some of the best skin, diet and posture experts around to talk us through how to pull our acts together for the New Year by quitting all of those deceptive, damaging habits we indulge in during the work day.


Leaning in=poor circulation, hunchback
“The desk is often the unmovable object, so you’ll have to set yourself up around it,” says physiotherapist Cheyne Voss. “Your elbows should be at a 90 degree angle as you type, your screen should be an arm’s length away and eye level and your feet should be planted firmly on the ground for stability (use a shoebox if your feet are hanging in the air). Your knees should also be at a right angle because your spine will curl under if you let them come above your hips,” he explains.

The 4 p.m. sugar run=wrinkles
Sugar has a tendency to age skin with the efficiency of the hottest tanning bed. “You’re better off snacking on something sweet, but nutrient-rich. Have a handful of mixed nuts or fresh berries,” says Lee Mullins, director of personal training at Bodyism Body Clinic in London.

The space heater=dry skin
The office isn’t warm enough, so you turn on the space heater, which in turn sucks your skin dry. “Keep a glass of water on your desk so that when it evaporates, it keeps the air around you moist,” says Su-Man. “You can also re-apply your moisturiser midway through the day. Just know that using rich products on your face is like eating rich food all the time. They suffocate your skin. A face cream should be light and easy to absorb,” she adds.

The pre-meeting adrenaline rush=blocked pores
“Stress can cause vitamin and mineral depletion, so mix a vitamin powder containing ingredients such as magnesium, vitamin C, zinc and vitamin B12 to your water,” say Sarah Kugelman, the founder of skyn ICELAND. “Stress can also increase sebum production, which can trigger acne,” she says. To prevent breakouts Kugelman says, “Carry an anti-blemish gel in your bag.

The ‘I’m thinking about it’ chin rest
You’re sitting at your desk, mulling over an email, and ponderously propping your head up with your hand. Bad idea. “Touching your face with dirty hands is terrible but if you’re going to do it anyway, make sure they’re always clean,” says Anne Hathaway’s facialist Su-Man. “Wipes are easy, but not okay — they’re loaded with chemicals and these are going straight onto your skin. You’ll end up with blackheads.”

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