Summer is almost officially over and soon school will be back in session. It’s natural for kids to be a little nervous on their first day back, but a new outfit will help them feel more confident. When they know they look good, they’ll feel good. Here, we round up the best picks from some of the biggest stores.

Insider shopping tip: Before you start shopping, check for special discount codes. You can save big on numerous brands, including Old Navy!

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1. Orange long-sleeved shirt, $19.95, L.L. Bean

2. Solar system pullover, $30,

3. Red striped T-shirt, $10, Joe Fresh

4. Gray pullover, $17.95, Abercrombie

5. Striped short-sleeved polo shirt, $16.99, L.L. Bean

6. Jacket, $24, Old Navy

7. Dinosaur shirt, $14.90, Uniqlo

8. Navy hoodie, $39.95, Abercrombie

9. Burnt orange jeans, $14.99, H&M

10. Striped top, $14.90, Uniqlo

11. Heart pullover, $6.99, H&M

12. Horse pullover, $10, Joe Fresh

13. Top, $8, Jeans, $10, Cardigan, $24, all Old Navy

14. Cargo leggings, $14.99 H&M

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