It finally happened: The weather has warmed up. After spending seven months cooped up indoors with your kids, you can finally go outside. Take your play days to the next level with these new outdoor toys.


Outdoor Mandala Designer, $23.99

Outdoor Mandala Designer The Outdoor Mandala Designer takes sidewalk art to the next level. Credit: Ravensburger

Sidewalk chalk is one of the simplest outdoor must-haves, but it's also one kids love the most. Ravensburger's Outdoor Mandala Designer will take their sidewalk art to the next level. Each kit comes with stencils all relating to a specific theme, like "happy ocean" or "fairy dreams."



Nerf Rebelle, starting at $19.99

Nerf Rebelle The Nerf Rebelle bow and arrow proves that Nerf toys aren't just for boys. Credit: Hasbro

Girls can let loose their inner Katniss with these new bow-and-arrow toys, which shoot up to 75 feet. The foam arrows make a whistling sound as they rip through the air, and the bows feature an electronic sight to help with accuracy.


Nerf N-Strike Elite Cam ESC-12 Blaster, $79.99

Nerf Gun Record your battles and upload them to YouTube with this ultimate Nerf gun. Credit: Hasbro

This is the ultimate Nerf gun. Not only does it shoot foam darts up to 90 feet, it has a built-in camera and memory card so kids can film their Nerf battles and upload the videos to YouTube. It can hold up to 2,000 photos or three hours of video.

Crayola Colored Bubbles, $2.99

Colored Bubbles Sometimes it's the simplest toys that make kids the happiest. Credit: Crayola

Normal bubbles are cool and all, but bubbles in your favorite color? Magical. Crayola has a whole line of colored bubbles, available in the rainbow of classic Crayola colors. Oh, and don't worry, they won't stain your kids' clothes.

Wheel Writer 2.0, $19.99

Wheel Writer

This toy is best for riding after hours: As the wheels spin, words and images pop up in LED lights. It can be easily attached to any standard bike wheel.

Bike Bubbler, $14.99

Bike Bubbler

Attach this to any bike and it emits a stream of bubbles while you ride. It's like a wacky kids movie come to life.

Exy Trickstartr Stunt Scooter, $63.99

trickstartr stunt scooter

Your kids will love zipping around the neighborhood in this super sleek scooter. Made for children ages 5 and up, it's a great introductory scooter for kids who are just learning how to get around on two wheels. And it weighs only 11 pounds, so it's light enough for you to lug to the local park.

Radio Flyer Cyclone, $59.99

The Radio Flyer Cyclone The Radio Flyer Cyclone gives kids 360 degrees of fun. Credit: Radio Flyer Cyclone

Intended for kids ages 3 to 7, the Radio Flyer Cyclone is a ride that kids control with their arms. They can steer the Cyclone to zoom straight or spin around for 360 degrees of fun.

Zing Blast Off X6 Zoom Rocketz, $32.99

zoom rocketz

These six rockets can be shot off rapid fire, traveling over 75 feet. Kids launch the rockets by jumping on the launch pads, then BOOM! — the rockets are off. Kids can also adjust the angles to aim the rockets to a specific location.

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Grub Scouts Sprinkler, $19.99

water sprinkler Really, what's better than a water sprinkler?

Remember the simple joy of running through the sprinkler as a kid? The Sunny Patch Grub Scouts Sprinkler will give your kids that experience with the little worm sprouts adding a playful twist. Just hook it up to any garden hose and you're good to go.

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