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The day McDonald's will hire 50K people as a PR stunt is finally here!

Want a job and don't particularly care what it is? Get on down to McDonald's today!

As Metro noted excitedly two weeks ago, McDonald's is hiring 50,000 jobs in one day, and that day is today!

a job, and don't care particularly where it is? Then head down to your
local McDonald's: The fast food giant today announced plans to hire
nearly 50,000 new employees on April 19, as part of a promotional
campaign against the disparaging term 'McJob.'

[...] The new
hires would increase the company's U.S. workforce by 7%, though industry
observers caution that fast food franchises often ramp up their
workforce for the busy summer months by hiring a similar number of
seasonal employees. McDonald's says the April hires will be a mix of
permanent and temporary employees.

Sure, the average starting wage is $8, but as McDonald's points out, that is above the minimum wage! McDonald's is legally allowed to pay you less than it does, but it doesn't! Besides, a job is a job, and why talk about health insurance and opportunities for growth at a time like this? Get on down today!

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