pregnant woman "Pregnancy brain" is a real thing! Credit: Colourbox


Being pregnant can - and rightly so - get you out of a lot of things. Don't feel like going to that dinner party? Late for work? It's the perfect excuse. Now, there's another thing it can help you get out of: driving. According to a new study, pregnant women have more car crashes than they otherwise would.



The study compared the number of car crashes women had during their pregnancies with the amount they've had before and after they were pregnant. The women were monitored for four years and most of the car crashes occurred while they were pregnant.


Published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, one of the reasons researchers think pregnant women are more at risk to be in a crash is due to "pregnancy brain," which is foggy thinking.

But despite the risk, the study points out that young men have more crashes than women period - pregnant or not.

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