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The foolproof outfit: Blue jeans and a white shirt

Blue jeans and a white shirt are the perfect, simple outfit to cleanse your palate before autumn’s trends roll in.


The classic white shirt and jeans combination is an under-appreciated thing. Too often it gets bogged down with hyper-personalization: a wacky jacket here, piles of quirky necklace layering there. It’s that rare, perfect outfit in which a set of fashion staples converge in a can’t-screw-it-up formula. But sometimes, the best way to pull this off is by not tampering with it too much. Charlie Collins, whom we spotted in London, looks flawless in an unaffected kind of way because she didn’t go overboard with the styling. The simplicity makes this look a nice breather of a palate cleanser before preparing to unpack all of the heady intensity (bell-shaped skirts the size of small cities, anyone?) that will be autumn’s trends.


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