New shoes are one of the best parts of the first day back to school. Remember when everyone tried to keep their new sneaks as clean and white as possible but by October it was a lost cause? Luckily the styles now are more colorful --- even metallic sneakers are having a moment. We showcase some of the hottest styles here. And they're all very affordable, leaving money left over for clothes and notebooks.

One sneaky tip is to head to before starting your shopping. The site has discount codes for many brands including Zara, Payless and Target!

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1. Metallic shoes, $39.90, Zara

2. Electric blue sneakers, $19-$24.99, Payless

3. Rock 'n' roll slip-on sneakers, $17.99, Target

4. Gold sneakers, $19.99, Target

5. Printed sneakers, $60,

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