The progression of technology brings the expansion of IT jobs, and 2012 will be no exception. With more businesses going digital and phrases like “cloud storage” becoming commonplace, the world of IT careers is budding with new opportunities. Robert Half Technology just released their list of the hottest jobs for 2012, many of them falling under the IT umbrella. Here are three that are especially promising:

1. Mobile applications developer

Not surprisingly, this job comes out on top. Considering the long list of things you can do from your phone — banking, gaming and even video chatting — it’s no wonder that this field is booming. “Mobile development has surpassed Web development and is now leading in shaping future professionals,” says Leonardo Mattiazzi, vice president of international business at IT services company Ci&T.

2. User experience designer

UX designers, to those in the know, “create positive digital experiences,” according to Robert Half Technology. Mattiazzi believes that the job description is blurring the lines and tapping into all sorts of creative talent. “Developers can no longer rely only on their technical skills, and UX designers can no longer rely only on their creative skills. The blending of UX skills and technical skills is becoming a de-facto demand,” he says.

3. Data security analyst

This is the e-bouncer of a company. David Hurst, principal at the financial accounting and advisory firm WeiserMazars LLP, sees growth happening already. “Now that it’s becoming feasible to break up complex business processes and execute different parts in different technologies on-site and in the Cloud, it is increasing the demand for architecture and integration skills to design and manage these complex multi-platform processes,” Hurst says.

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