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The latest baby trend that's all over Instagram

#babysuiting is the new #babymugging and it's taking over Instagram.

Baby Suiting

Step aside, cats. The latest Instagram trend is all about babies. Touting the hashtag #babysuiting, the photos are of babies in a grown-up suit. The juxtaposition of an adorable baby face paired with a professional getup is just irresistiblycute. The #babysuiting phenomenon started with Ilana Wiles, the mommy blogger who is credited to starting the #babymugging craze of photos that look like babies are drinking a cup of coffee.

"There was over 250 name ideas and I rejected - including #babywolvesofwallstreet - but I settled on #babysuiting because it was a nice piggyback to #babymugging," Wiles tells the New York Daily News.


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