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Living a stress-free life is the kind of thing promised by spam emails (along with a diet in which you can lose 10 pounds in a week or earn money while you sleep). In its annual survey of the most and least stressful jobs, ranked gigs from soldier to seamstress by their stress levels.
The rankings are based on numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as well as census data, but fall short of direct polling of professionals in the jobs listed. The research showed that frequent travel, strict deadlines, public scrutiny and physical danger make employees reach for the blood pressure meds. It makes sense, then, that soldiers and firemen have some of the most stressful jobs out there (no comment on the fact that “newspaper reporter” is No. 8 on the list).

It’s important to remember when looking at these numbers that any job could fall into either category depending on how it fits with individual employees. Things like bad management, low wages or lack of opportunity can make low morale contagious at the office. Meanwhile, feeling valued in the workplace could make a stressful gig into a manageable challenge. Keeping perspective is key when considering the stress and impact a job can have on your lifestyle.

The Most Stressful Jobs of 2014:


  1. Enlisted Military Personnel $28,840

  2. Military General $196,300

  3. Firefighter $45,250

  4. Airline Pilot $114,200

  5. Event Coordinator $45,810

  6. Public Relations Executive $54,170

  7. Corporate Exec (Senior) $168,140

  8. Newspaper Reporter $35,870

  9. Police Officer $55,270

  10. Taxi Driver $22,820

The Least Stressful Jobs of 2014:

  1. Audiologist $69,720

  2. Hair Stylist $22,700

  3. Jeweler $35,350

  4. University Professor(tenured) $64,290

  5. Seamstress/Tailor $26,280

  6. Dietitian $55,240

  7. Medical Records Tech. $34,160

  8. Librarian $55,370

  9. Multimedia Artist $61,370

  10. Drill Press Operator $35,580

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