The most WTF outfits at the Streamy Awards 2015

Jojo, Courtney Stodden, BaddieWinkle and more top our list of the craiest dressed at the Streamy Awards 2015.

A lot of celebrities and YouTube stars totally killed it on the red carpet last night at the 5th Annual Streamy Awards. But a few, well, fell a little short. Part of what makes YouTube so awesome is that it's a safe place to celebrate being yourself --- no matter how out there that may be ---- so we aren't hating on the five here; but there's no denying they had the wildest looks of the night.


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A few people on the list are to be expected. Let's be honest, it would be a let-down if BaddieWinkle showed up in a prim suit. But a few, like Jojo and "Awkward" actress Jillian Rose Reed, took us by surprise. See all the looks here.


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