Charlie Harry Francis

A new nose accessory will turn you into a food hound. The Olfactic Dog Nose, created by “edible inventor” Charlie Harry Francis, is designed to improve the wearer’s sense of smell and flavor. “A wet nose is a healthy nose on a dog, similarly, a wet nasal passage is a tasty nasal passage for a human,” explains the UK-based eccentric behind experimental events company Lick Me I’m Delicious. The comical-looking oversized detachable nose has to be soaked in warm water and worn 10 minutes prior to eating, in order for the wearer to get the full flavorsome experience. The 30-year-old creator explains why we should be more ’nosey’ when it comes to food.

Why did you create an Olfactic Dog Nose?
It's all part of the Human Cookbook movement, making people aware that their mental and physical state has a huge effect on how good food tastes.

So it improves the flavor of food?
It enhances your sense of smell and therefore improves your perception of flavor.

How does it work?
It introduces a warm moist buffer between your nasal cavity and the outside air which moistens the mucous membranes in your nose. This allows them to dislodge any irritants and makes them better able to dissolve odorants into your mucus lining, so they can be detected by your olfactory receptors.


Does food really taste better?
80% of taste comes from our olfactic sense (our sense of smell). Try eating a strawberry while holding your nose, all you'll taste is a sweet flavor, but if you release your nose, you'll taste an explosion of strawberry. The Olfactic Dog Nose moistens your nasal cavity thus improving this sensation.

Why have you chosen a clown nose form for it?
It's the perfect tool for the job - it retains moisture, fits right onto your nose and comes in a range of colors.

Don’t you think it’s a bit ridiculous to wear a clown nose before eating?
Not at all.

Do you already have people wearing them?
Yes there's been quite a bit of interest already. The important thing is that people start to realize they can make their food taste better just by controlling their body - the Olfactic Dog Nose is just one option. If you undergo sensory flavor deprivation the day prior to a fantastic meal, the food will taste better. You can also go for a run before you eat, have a bath before dinner, or eating dinner in the bath – all these things will improve the taste.

If I’m ill, will it work?
If you have a cold it would work even better because you'd be coming from a lower base point, so the improvement would be more noticeable.

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