You didn't get through this process alone.


After all of their applications are in, there’s one more thing every senior should do before finishing the college admissions process: Say thank you to everyone who helped along the way.

Here are the three notes every student should take the time to write:

Teachers who wrote a recommendation letter. Remember, a recommendation letter can take hours to research and write. Many teachers only recommend students who they highly believe in, it’s important for a high school senior to say that they appreciate that trust. (Also, be sure to let everyone know what school you chose to attend. Don’t leave them wondering.)

Guidance counselors. Choosing which schools to apply to is a research-intensive process. Fall is often the most stressful time of the year for guidance counselors, many of whom are advising dozens (or more) students at the same time. A simple letter of gratitude goes a long way.


The schools that wait-listed you. Were you wait-listed from your first choice? It’s important to let those colleges know that you are still interested in going to school there and that would jump at the opportunity to do so. It could make a difference.

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