The top 5 wedding dress trends of 2017

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Wedding trends are hard to keep up with and even harder to score at an affordable price, so we did both for you! These are the top five wedding dress trends this year and affordable dresses that feature them.


1.Cut Outs - $261.49


Cut outs are an upcoming trend in bridal wear this season. They allow a little skin to show while keeping you covered and are a great way to highlight your curves and bring out your hips. Shop now


2.Off the Shoulder - $217.99


Off the shoulder wedding dresses are a romantic option. This delicate look shows off your collar bone, leaves room for a subtle amount of cleavage and is perfect to pair with a big necklace. Shop now

3.Plunging Necklines - $155.29

Plunging necklines are trending in every area of fashion right now but are especially gaining traction in bridal wear. They’re great for women looking to accentuate their smaller chests and they do a nice job of showing off your waistline.Shop now

4.Bold Florals - $188.89

For a flirty and romantic look, go for bold floral designs. This year they’re being seen in more lace bridal dresses and add a soft yet different touch to a garden style dress. Shop now

5.V Neck - $205.19

V-necks are a dominating trend over other necklines in the bridal industry this year. They offer brides of all shapes and sizes a more casual but sexy look and can even be the focal point of a dress. Shop now