And we’re off! Day 1 of Fashion Week has so far been rainy, muggy and with a projected high of about 80 degrees. But that hasn’t stopped the fashion crowd from arriving at BCBG’s show this morning wearing head-to-toe leather! Unbelievably, that wasn’t even the weirdest thing we saw. Here’s a rundown.

Patchwork bucket hats

You know Bill Murray’s New England patchwork Madras trousers from “Moonrise Kingdom?” Now combine those with the kind of hat your grandfather wears fishing. Every model on the runway wore one. It's next season’s accessory du jour!

Board shorts for the city?


Just when you thought we had exhausted all we could do with culottes, BCBGhas trotted out the "board" culotte.This voluminous take on surfing shorts is actually surprisingly chic. Just don't go in the water in them!

"Hot" clothes

Spotted in the front row: turtlenecks, shearling jackets and leather EVERYTHING, including leggings, T-shirts and dresses. Did we mention it was kinda swelteringunder all the lights? #MELTING

Legwarmers with sandals

The runway was pretty steamy too, with models accessorizing their embroidered blousons and wispy boho dresses with … marbled-knit legwarmers. With sandals. Now, we know runway is fantasy, but … one can only suspend one’s disbelief so far.

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