Hannah Bong-tana, it’s time to come clean.


After it surfaced during the weekend via The Daily that Miley Cyrus was presented with a Bob Marley-shaped cake at her 19th birthday party at the Roosevelt Hotel in L.A., and then quipped, “You know you’re a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley cake — you know you smoke way too much f—in’ weed,” she is now retracting it, saying the video was all a “joke.”


Her rep tells TMZ that Miley was just joshing about the cake and that the Bob Marley reference was because her friend Kelly Osbourne has been calling her “Bob Miley” since a film of her ripping a huge bong hit leaked last year. Cyrus claimed it was salvia, a legal herb, and not marijuana, in the bong.


Cyrus’s rep says she is not a pothead.


Pfft. Right. Because non-stoners are known for their love of all things Bob Marley. My 74-year-old Republican mother has a giant Marley tapestry hanging in her living room just because it matches her sofa.


Theron once had to wear glasses

Speaking of people totally lying, Charlize Theron, who is now on the promotional circuit for her new film “Young Adult,” is trying to make us believe that she wasn’t beautiful nor popular in high school (how many “pffts” can I fit into one column?).

“I wore really nerdy glasses because I was blind as could be and the boys didn’t like [me],” she tells People.

Listen, Hollywood movies and actresses: Glasses don’t hide the fact that women are 5-foot-10, thin and gorgeous. You can take off the glasses, but you can’t take off the ugly.

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