Maybe you've seen Lisa Rinna star in a new Depend adult diapers
commercial. But in case you haven't, here's the recap: The 48-year-old
is filmed wearing a skintight black dress on the red carpet -- but,
surprise! She's also wearing Depend's new Silhouette for Women line
underneath that dress.

"I am wearing an evening gown, for God's
sake!" she says in the commercial. "And you can't tell I have it on.
Check out the boo-tay!" She then commands her poor husband Harry Hamlin
to touch her tush to check it out for himself.

Surprising? Yes. Commercials for adult diapers are not the most,
say, sexy of things to star in. But Rinna swears she's not talking
about incontinence in order to keep herself in lip injections -- she
did it for charity and women's rights.

"They donated $225,000 to Dress for Success if I tried them on in the commercial," the actress told the Huffington Post, meaning she must have pocketed a little extra on top of that donation. "That's why I did it. Plus, I loved their campaign."


Rinna continues: "I don't endorse many products." (Ed note: True!
The last time she was a "celebrity spokeswoman" was for The Flex Belt
Abdominal Toning Belt; do with that information what you will.) "When I
was first asked, I was surprised," she explains. "I'm not the first
person you think of when you think of Depend. ... I believe women should
feel good about themselves -- and if that means they need to talk about
their problems, then absolutely. We need to help each other. I was not
afraid to do this."

I believe that too, as should most women. And it's not wearing an
adult diaper that makes me roll my eyes — it's the fact that she used
the word "boo-tay" to describe her butt.

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