A 30-year-old man has been arrested for trespassing at Sean "Diddy"
Combs' East Hampton mansion, where he reportedly ate the hip-hop mogul's
food and liquor, tried on some of his clothes, and then slept in his
bed, according to TMZ.com. Quamine Taylor, who reportedly has a history
of mental illness, entered the vacant house through an unlocked basement
door and was there for 24 hours before tripping an alarm. But when
police and an alarm company representative showed up, Taylor was able to
convince them he had permission to be there. It wasn't until a
caretaker arrived and called the police back that Taylor was arrested.
Combs' rep had no comment.

Poor Quamine. If only someone had tipped him off that Combs' mansion was NOT a Notorious B&B, he wouldn't be in this mess.

Jesus take the wheel (not you, Bynes)

If someone isn't going to get Amanda Bynes some help, can someone at least get the girl a driver? Less than two weeks after being arrested for driving under the influence after hitting up the L.A. club scene, the Nickelodeon star was back out partying -- and behind the wheel, according to TMZ. The actress was spotted driving herself to the Chateau Marmont and nightclub Greystone Manor, where she was spotted texting behind the wheel before backing her car up onto a curb. On the bright side, a curb is at least a downgrade from a cop car, which is the last thing she ran her car into.

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