We don’t envy Jimmy Kimmel. Whereas the idea of the Kardashians is enough to haunt this office, all three were live in his studio on Wednesday night.


While he had them there, he took the opportunity to ask Kourtney if she had any plans to marry longtime boyfriend Scott Disick.


"Do you wanna be in my therapy session?" she replied with a seriously scary laugh. (Did we mention she is 33 and pregnant with his second child?) "First of all, I have realized that I have major commitment problems during this pregnancy. I'm really claustrophobic, and all my issues — and I have a lot of them — they all stem from this thing. I can't commit to anything. But I love Scott, and he is my partner."


Kimmel made it out of the conversation as close to alive as you can expect after a close encounter of the Kardashian kind. But if we're back here writing about Kourtney's ring next week, he'll have another problem.


It was weird in our neck of the woods

We have a feeling Chris Rock passed up a lot of opportunities to make fun of clunky "Today" show segues on Thursday. But when Matt Lauer tried to transition with some weather small talk, Rock finally pounced.

"We're hoping the same kind of weather hits us tomorrow when we've got Chris Brown out on the plaza," said Lauer.

"Did you say you hope the same weather hits you?" asked Rock. "I hope some weather doesn't smack us upside the head."

Know how awkward you feel laughing about a domestic violence joke? Ann Curry and in-studio guest Elmo felt worse.

Danica McKellar files for divorce

Good news for your inner 12-year-old: Winnie Cooper is single. "Wonder Years" star Danica McKellar has filed for divorce from her husband, composer Mike Verta. "I am saddened by the end of my marriage. However, we are committed to raising our son together and we are focused on remaining the best parents we can be," she told TMZ.

Jim Carrey fires back

Jim Carrey didn’t appreciate ex-girlfriend Jenny McCarthy telling Howard Stern that he has refused to maintain a relationship with her son, Evan, who is autistic.

"I will always do what I believe is in the best interest of Evan's well being," says the actor, who denies that McCarthy has ever reached out. "It's unfortunate that Evan's privacy is not being considered. I love Evan very much and will miss him always."

I think we can all agree on what's important here: There is no way we're watching McCarthy's new reality dating show.