Levi Johnston, a high-school dropout who is famous for knocking up someone kind of famous from an infamous political family, is using his super sperm to get back into the news (and menstrual)?cycle: It was announced yesterday that the 21-year-old is expecting a baby with his Wasilla, Ala., schoolteacher girlfriend, Sunny Oglesby, 20. She is allegedly three months pregnant.


TMZ.com reports that Johnston is "so excited" about having a new baby out of wedlock since Bristol Palin (along with her mom and dad) hasn't been too accommodating about him seeing his son Tripp.


I know Alaska is remote, but if Sarah Palin could see Russia from her house, how hard could it be for Johnston to spot a stack of Trojans at the Rite Aid?



Singing camp songs with Josh Groban

The stars came out for A Celebration of Paul Newman's Dream on Monday night at New York City's Lincoln Center to pay tribute to the late actor and his SeriousFun Children's Network, which sends sick children around the world to summer camp. Though performer Trisha Yearwood told us she had never spent her summers by the campfire, and Elvis Costello didn't take part across the pond ("They didn't have them in England. They barely had tent pegs," he said), we did get to hear about singer Josh Groban's warm weather adventures.

"One of the reasons I'm here tonight is because my summer camp experience was so awesome," he told Metro. "One was in Maine and one was in Michigan. [One] was called Interlochen and the other one was called Camp Winona. I canoed and I did archery and I sang; I was in theater there. It was just great."


But Groban's just being humble. That would be the famed Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan he's referring to, which is kind of like the summer camp version of Juilliard. So even as a boy, he was melting the hearts of people everywhere with that voice of his.

With additional reporting by Meredith Engel