While Lil Jon had to skip town right before the big show at Sunday’s VMAs, he had a moment to talk to Metro about how he’s kept busy the past year — and how he’s going to be the new Celine Dion (our words, not his).

“I’ve been doing a lot of DJing around the world. I just finished the new single and dropped it — ‘Drink,’ featuring LMFAO. I’m working on the album ‘Party Animal.’ Should be out next year,” he told us. “And I have a residency in Vegas at Surrender. I’m there every two weeks. It’s great. I never thought I’d be doing it like Dean Martin or Siegfried and Roy and those guys, but I’m there like them. It’s cool.”

With “Drink,” Lil Jon is becoming the go-to guy for beverage anthems, and he’s OK with that. “I thought we couldn’t top ‘Shots’ for a party song, but it’s right up there with ‘Shots,’” he says. “When you hear the record, it makes you want to go to the club and drink and party. A little push helps.”

“Drink,” “Shots” — maybe if he calls his next single, “Big Gulp,” he can actually make some money in the music industry.

— With additional reporting by Ned Ehbar

Kelly Rowland on Beyonce’s baby


Of course, now that the world knows about Beyonce’s baby, Kelly Rowland wants you all to know that she knew before all of us, thankyouverymuch. “I have known for quite a while,” B’s Destiny’s Child bandmate told People on Sunday night about the happy disclosure. “And she’s happy, and Jay is happy, and that’s all that counts.”

Which is translated as: “You do know that I used to be in a group with her, right? And do you want some proof that I’m actually still close with her? How about this: I totally knew before any of you press punks did!”

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