Lindsay Lohan, bless her crazy little heart, is getting into the holiday spirit and playing Gossip Santa. Let's review her weekend, shall we?


On Friday, Linds was all smiles in the front row at New York City's Jingle Ball concert during The Wanted's performance. She's rumored to be dating a member of the boy band, Max George, who more or less confirmed some aspect of some relationship: "We can stay out of trouble and keep her out of trouble," he tells "She can party just as hard as us. She's a great girl."


All "great girl" comments aside, we've endorsed fiber breakfast bars more enthusiastically than that. And it seems like Lohan might be less happy than she's letting on for the cameras -- from what Metro heard at the Jingle Ball, she was allegedly seen crying in a bathroom backstage. (Then again, who doesn't have a good bathroom cry at holiday parties?)


Not to pile it on, but reported that Lohan's finances are in such bad shape that she's struggling to pay the rent on her $8,000-per-month Beverly Hills mansion. Ever since the IRS seized her bank accounts, she's reportedly been hitting up friends for money.


Santa Lohan, at the risk of being greedy, we'd like to submit our Christmas list: One Aniston pregnancy announcement, one Jolie spite pregnancy announcement, two John Stamos rom-coms and the Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven. Thanks, girl!