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The Word: Melissa McCarthy doesn't feat the jumpsuit

Melissa McCarthy took a few moments to chat with Metro about thepossibility of a sequel to “Bridesmaids,” the summer blockbuster thatmade her a household name.

After she took the stage to launch Ivory Soap’s new “Soap Dish” Facebook community for moms in New York City on Tuesday night — and was presented with a giant bar of Ivory carved in her likeness — Melissa McCarthy took a few moments to chat with Metro about the possibility of a sequel to “Bridesmaids,” the summer blockbuster that made her a household name.

“[It’s a] yes for me, [but I] don’t know that it’s happening,” she told us. “I’ll basically show up anywhere with those women — even if it’s, like, a long bus trip, I’ll go with them — but no talk of it yet. I think everyone’s so busy. But I wouldn’t mind it down the road just because I love that group.”

McCarthy is indeed keeping very busy. Not only did she win an Emmy this year for her sitcom “Mike and Molly,” but she’s also developing her own clothing line for plus-sized women. “It’s so preliminary right now. I know I want a jumpsuit in it. I’m not afraid of it. I love a jumpsuit.”

And when we asked if she’s creating the line to be a role model for girls who aren’t a size zero, the awesome actress just laughs. “No, I think I’m just selfishly making it for myself!” She elaborates: “I want separates, for the love of God, because everything’s like a bad prom dress. You can find a million bad sleeveless dresses in satin. I’m like, ‘Where’s a good blouse and great trouser?’”

—With additional reporting by Meredith Engel

Like the Brady Bunch ... but on steroids

Someone please stop Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. The reality TV couple and human rabbits announced yesterday on “Today” they are expecting their 20th child this spring — this after their 19th baby, Josie, was born at only 25 weeks and survived a host of expensive and life-threatening medical problems. Michelle also suffered preeclampsia and gall-bladder problems through that pregnancy.

“We are so excited,” said Michelle, 45, who is three and a half months into her new pregnancy.

Jim Bob, 46, echoed his wife’s sentiments, saying, “Michelle and I both feel like some of the most blessed parents in the world.”

“We didn’t want to stop on an odd number,” he added.

Whew. Here I thought they wouldn’t have a good, medical reason for putting Michelle’s life at risk and adding to an already crowded world. Being particular about an odd versus even number is totally logical.

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