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The Word: Move over, Bertinelli

Jenny Craig attracts, let’s say, “midlevel” celebs to be theirspokespeople.

Jenny Craig attracts, let’s say, “midlevel” celebs to be their spokespeople. Sara Rue, Valerie Bertinelli, Phylicia Rashad and Jason Alexander are among those who have been paid handsomely to shill the company. But they must have paid buckets of cash to afford their latest spokeswoman, Mariah Carey.

The company’s big celeb get was revealed yesterday at New York City’s Four Seasons. Carey arrived 20 minutes late to the conference and was escorted all the way to the stage to what we thought would be to take questions from reporters, which is why we were there. Instead, she was just interviewed by Gayle King about her involvement with Jenny Craig, which, by the way, is now just called “Jenny.”

Carey says she started Jenny in July and has lost 30 pounds so far. She told King she was approached by three different weight loss companies while pregnant but picked Jenny because she clicked with the people. “Some other suitors have great money, have great ... whatever it is that their concepts are — I didn’t really connect with the people, and this was only over the phone at first. The first time I spoke with the executors at Jenny it was like we really clicked.”

But Carey didn’t discuss the diet exclusively: We also learned little personal tidbits about her, like the fact that she enjoys taking business calls while in the bathtub. “Like all day every day when I was pregnant, [I was] in the bath, with a towel, seriously, doing business calls, talking to lawyers with water splashing,” she revealed. “[My trainer] Bernardo and I were doing exercises mainly in the water.” As she demo’ed some of her aquatic moves, she made sure to look good in the process: “Let me do it a more elegantly for the photo — please don’t get a bad angle.”

Carey says that she was so embarrassed by her pregnant body that she never went naked. Anywhere. “I was never nude. I had a towel on in the tub, I had clothing on in the tub,” she told King. “I’m not lying. You think I would let Nick see me looking rancid like that?”

Rancid? One thing’s for sure: Mariah Carey will not becoming the spokesman for Earth Mothers International anytime soon.

Also ...

Here are some more highlights from yesterday’s press conference:

Mariah doesn’t own a scale, and the last time she weighed herself was when her single “My All” was out.

Her twins have a website, www.dembabies.com.

She bought an ultrasound machine during her pregnancy.

The conference room was decked out with mood lighting, a white fur rug and white leather chairs.

She has a penchant for using the word “dahhling.”

She actually does the two-cheek air-kiss. Really! Like you would expect any less.

—With additional reporting by Meredith Engel

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