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The Word: Please make it stop, Jennifer Love Hewitt

We always thought that Jennifer Love Hewitt was unfairly portrayed as, well, a pathetic sap.

We always thought that Jennifer Love Hewitt was unfairly portrayed as, well, a pathetic sap. Sure, she maybe shared a little too much about her personal life.?And then there was that cringe-worthy relationship advice book. But it was all rather harmless chatter in a world that spawned “The Real Housewives” franchise.

But now she’s going after “Bachelorette” rejects on Twitter? She brought this one on herself.

Four days after so eloquently tweeting “Omg! Ben f except my final rose!!! Gotta book a flight to Sonoma !!!:):)”, the 32-year-old actress did, indeed, show up in contestant Ben Flajnik’s hometown. "It seemed like a first date, but he wasn't overly affectionate towards her. Then all of the sudden she grabbed him and started making out with him,” a source tells UsMagazine.com.

We can’t even handle that 1998’s prom queen has sunk this low. But, well, just in case she’s on to something: “Omg! Zac Efron accept my creepy date invite;)!!!”

J. Lo back for more ‘Idol’

Jennifer Lopez was previously playing it coy about returning to the “American Idol” judges table; but she will, in fact, be back for Season 11, according to Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe.

“I am delighted to say that all three judges, along with the brilliant host of ‘American Idol,’ [are] back for the next season,” Lythgoe said yesterday during a call to “On Air With Ryan Seacrest.”

Delighted? This guy is obviously not the one signing the checks or stocking the dressing rooms’ minibars.

The ultimate ‘Punk’d’

Although reports have Ashton Kutcher raking in around $700,000 per “Two and a Half Men” episode, TMZ claims to know it’s actually in the $800,000- $900,000 range. That’s right: The guy who did “Punk’d” is replacing Charlie Sheen in a sitcom that has fueled eight seasons with little more than masturbation jokes, on which he’ll earn millions upon millions.

Go think about what you’ve done. All of you.

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