Woody Allen, who just opened the Cannes Film Festival with his new movie, “Midnight in Paris,” wants to set a few things straight about working with Carla Bruni, the French first lady, who appears in the film. “I think she is wonderful. During the shooting, all the newspapers kept writing that I wasn’t happy with her work, that I deleted some scenes. It is not true,” he tells Metro France. “She was very good and easy to work with.”

And how did Bruni come to have a part in a Woody Allen movie? For the simple reason that she’s beautiful. “A year ago, I was having breakfast with the Sarkozys and Carla was so beautiful and so charming that I offered her to be in one of my movies,” he says. “I thought she would have great charisma.”

Bristol realigns her face

Bristol Palin is copping to the fact she had work done to her face at the ripe old age of 20, but shares with Us Weekly, “It’s not plastic surgery. I had corrective jaw surgery.”

Regarding the surgery, she admits it improved the way she looks, but “this surgery was necessary for medical reasons ... so my jaw and teeth could properly realign. ... I don’t obsess over my face.”

Palin does have a way with words. She’s calling her plastic surgery “corrective jaw surgery” and her new reality TV show a “docu-drama.” So what do you call “completely and totally sending the wrong message to female teenagers everywhere”? Oh, right: “Bristol Palin.”

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