The ladies at last night's BET Awards must have thought the "B" stood for "boobs" because practically everyone strutting the red carpet was flaunting their, er, assets. Between the ill-fitting dresses, ridiculous footwear, and odd cut-outs, the six who made our worst dressed list make Pharrell and his hat seem normal. See the run-down below:

Erica Hubbardis beautiful, but her BET Award night outfit looks like something you buy on the discount rack at Frederick’s of Hollywood. If your underwear is showing, it means what you're wearing is for the bedroom only - even if it's floor length.


Faith Evans is an extremely talented singer. Unfortunately that talent does not extend to award show dressing. She looks like a business woman who is trying to get a raise in all the wrong ways. Her ivory dress looks ill-fitting and the exposed black bra looks just looks sloppy.

The unfortunate thing aboutGabrielle Union's ensemble is that she would have nailed the look if it weren't for those ridiculous thigh-high black boots. If only she had paired her dress with strappy heels, she would be on everyone's best dressed list today.

RememberKeke Palmer's innocent days, when she was an actress on "True Jackson VP"? The top part of this dress is actually kinda cool and goddess-like. But the cut-outs at her upper thighs are just weird. What happens when she sits down? What does one wear under a dress with upper-thigh cut-outs? Actually, we don't want to know.

Kyla Pratt looks like a mermaid caught in a mesh net. She's also about a half-inch away from exposing her nether regions. The actress may be on "Let's Stay Together," but this look screams "Let's get it together."

Nadia Buari looks like a cross between Maid Marian and Wonder Woman. The dress itself is beautiful, but the sleeves take it into too-much-fabric territory and her bedazzled cobalt heels make it look cheap.

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