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The worst dressed celebrities of New York Fashion Week 2016

Fashion is dead and you've all killed it! That's blood on your hands! Blood!

Well, it's the time again. Time for New York City to be flooded with famous and rich people, all of whom will squeeze into horrible looking dresses and body-shaped fabrics, to watch hungry men and women walk in more uglybody-shaped fabrics.

Lord help us.

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Here are five of the worst of the worst of the worst animals who have wandered the streets during New York Fashion Week so far:

Kim Kardashian: If you have't heard yet Mrs. West is staring as Cruella Deville in a new burlesque edition of "101 Dalmations."

Kylie Jenner: We can't see the entire outfit, and we're okay with that.

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Nicki Hilton: Nicki thought she was going to a Renaissance fair but, Paris dragged her "to this sh-t show instead."

Alicia Quarles: Fun fact, this top is actually an oversized Tibetan prayer flag.


Coco Rocha: If you hit the target with a wiffle ball, this dress will be dunked into a vat of gasoline and then set on fire. Oh, and you win a giant teddy bear!

The entire Jenner and Kardashian clot: There's one of two things happening here. A) The Kardashians and Jenners faced a firing squad and this was the last picture of them alive. B) They are now in a cult in which Kanye, the leader, is exempt from wearing these horrible marshmello peep uniforms they've been forced to wear.

Olivia Palermo: Using curtains to make clothing is charming when your goveness does it, Olivia. Not when you do it yourself.

June Ambrose: The only fitting punishment for this outfit is for someone to drop a house on you.

Perez Hilton: When you don't clean out your ears for a long enough time this what your cotton swap will look like when you pull it out.

Matt Lee is a web producer for Metro New York. He writes about almost everything and anything. Talk to him (or yell at him) on Twitter so he doesn’t feel lonely@mattlee2669.