Well, it's the time again. Time for New York City to be flooded with famous and rich people, all of whom will squeeze into horrible looking dresses and body-shaped fabrics, to watch hungry men and women walk in more uglybody-shaped fabrics.

Lord help us.

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Here are five of the worst of the worst of the worst animals who have wandered the streets during New York Fashion Week so far:

Kim Kardashian: If you have't heard yet Mrs. West is staring as Cruella Deville in a new burlesque edition of "101 Dalmations."

Kylie Jenner: We can't see the entire outfit, and we're okay with that.

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Nicki Hilton: Nicki thought she was going to a Renaissance fair but, Paris dragged her "to this sh-t show instead."

Alicia Quarles: Fun fact, this top is actually an oversized Tibetan prayer flag.


Coco Rocha: If you hit the target with a wiffle ball, this dress will be dunked into a vat of gasoline and then set on fire. Oh, and you win a giant teddy bear!

The entire Jenner and Kardashian clot: There's one of two things happening here. A) The Kardashians and Jenners faced a firing squad and this was the last picture of them alive. B) They are now in a cult in which Kanye, the leader, is exempt from wearing these horrible marshmello peep uniforms they've been forced to wear.

Olivia Palermo: Using curtains to make clothing is charming when your goveness does it, Olivia. Not when you do it yourself.

June Ambrose: The only fitting punishment for this outfit is for someone to drop a house on you.

Perez Hilton: When you don't clean out your ears for a long enough time this what your cotton swap will look like when you pull it out.

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