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Whether you wanted it or not, Tinder todayreleased a "study" of the hottest schools in the U.S.

The dating app crunched the data to find the "most desirable student bodies" (ugh, their words),looking at the number of male and female students enrolled at a college or university with the most swipe-rights.

The results? Tinder users apparently find Georgetown the No. 1 place to meet (app-meet?)attractive guys, while Florida State wins the crown for most-swiped gals.

Here are the rest of the top 10 for boys and girls (which, really, Tinder: how heteronormative). You can see the full rankings at Tinder's blog.


Top 10 campuses with the most swiped-right males

1.Georgetown University
2. Brigham Young University
3. University of Notre Dame
4. Texas Christian University
5. Air Force Academy
6. Yale University
7. Dartmouth College
8. University of Virginia
9. University of Mississippi
10. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Top 10 campuses with the most swiped-right females

1. Florida State University
2. University of Miami
3. University of Mississippi
4. University of Colorado Boulder
5. University of Alabama
6.Colorado State University
7.Boise State University
8.Iowa State University
9. University of Arizona
10. University of Iowa

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