selfie mirror SELFIE Mirror by iStrategy Labs
Credit: AFP


Awkwardly angled selfies could be a thing of the past as fans of the trend could soon have a simple, hands-free photo tool at their disposal in the form of the ‘SELFIE' Mirror.


The brainchild of digital agencyiStrategy Labs, the two-way mirror features hidden facial recognition software that allows users to trigger the camera flash just by smiling and holding a pose. The software is powered by a Mac Mini concealed in the mirror's cabinet casing.


A custom graphic is placed on the floor facing the mirror so that camera subjects know where to stand and LED lights provide a visual countdown before the picture is taken. The lights are controlled by an Arduino microcontroller.


Once photos have been taken they can be automatically uploaded to social media, featuring a watermark of the Selfie logo.


The product, whose name stands for ‘Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine', is not yet commercially available, although the brand is exploring the idea of commissioned pieces.