There just aren’t enough addicts in Hollywood. That’s what it seems like to Dr. Drew and the producers of “Celebrity Rehab.” Although VH1 was to start shooting a new season of the series today, only two “celebrities” have agreed to appear on the show — Tila Tequila and Jason Wahler. So the good doctor is currently going after two much bigger names: Sarah Ferguson, who was recently caught by an undercover reporter trying to sell access to ex-husband Prince Andrew (she has since said she was drinking at the time) and Lindsay Lohan, who needs no introduction.


It appears Lohan has turned them down (smart move, Linds), but RadarOnline reports that “the idea to lure Fergie is in the very early stages but execs believe it could be exactly what they need for a great season.”

It won’t pan out. It’s not that Fergie can’t get sober, but you know how the royals feel about actually working — they don’t do it.