Is it time to fix up your old résumé? Don’t begin to edit it until you read these tips from Evelyn Salvador, author of “Step-by-Step Résumés.”

Remove personal pronouns. The subject (I, me or my) is understood, and you should leave it out of each sentence. If your résumé contains any of these words, delete them and restructure as necessary.

Check for action verbs. Be sure each bullet in your Professional Experience section starts with an action verb or adverb preceding the action verb. Also be sure to include action verbs associated with your profession.

Delete any redundant or superfluous words. Review each sentence or bullet. Delete any words that your sentence reads fine without, such as “the” and “that,” as well as unnecessary “fluff” words. Edit down to the most concise sentence possible without omitting any important content, such as achievements.

Include personal attributes. Double-check that your primary attributes are included in your Professional Summary section and cover letter.

Prioritize your bullets
. Review your responsibilities and achievements in each position and move the more important and targeted ones closer to the top under each position.

Subdivide and categorize bullets. If you have many responsibility and achievement bullets under each position (say, more than 10), you can divide them into two categories (Responsibilities and Achievements) and subtitle them as such under each position for easier reading.

Check for quantifying information
. Ask yourself, “Did I include how many, how much, how often, how big, how fast, how well and so on?”

Verify that “CAR” and benefit information is included. Do your achievements include the challenge you faced, the action you took and the result? Be sure you show how well you performed these functions and always include the benefit(s) to the company.

Vary bullet line length. Try for a good mix of line lengths.