At a press conference this morning, designer Tommy Hilfiger and model Gigi Hadid discussed their new collaboration, TommyxGigi, which launches today.


For the hit model, this will be her first time designing — and it's fitting that she'll make her debut with Tommy Hilfiger, whose brand she's loved since she was a kid, she said.


"We wanted to do something disruptive," Hilfiger said. "A designer has never partnered with a model before and allowed the model to have a very serious hand in creating the collection." He stressed that Hadid has been "intimately involved from the beginning, choosing the buttons, fabrics, the colors."


Hilfiger sounds like he's taking his cues from Hadid, whom he referred to as a "social media star," to make his work more modern and accessible. He called TommyxGigi a "democratic brand," and spoke about listening to the consumer, whom he says wants to have an authentic experience with fashion.


That's why the new line will have something for everyone, according to Hadid, combining a nautical, rock 'n' roll and military aesthetic, at times sporty and hippie, even taking inspiration from street style looks.

And the fashion show tonight, #Tommynow, will be a NYC block party carnival at the South Street Seaport — which they're calling "Tommy pier."

"We'll show people tonight how to wear (the collection) in all different ways," Hadid explained.

The show, which kicks off at 7pm, will offertypical carnival fare of hot dogs, games and rides — a 40 foot ferris wheel! — mixed with urban touches, such as a tattoo parlor (temporary and real) and a store selling repurposed vintage Tommy from the '80s and '90s.

In the spirit of "buy now, wear now," items from the collection will be available for purchase at a shop and a touch screen on site, as well as online at as soon as they hit the runway.

Folks can watch the "multimedia extravaganza," as Hilfiger dubbed it, broadcasted live on a billboard in Times Square. Or, for a more low-key, passive experience, tune in at while following along on Hadid's social accounts, where she'll be sure to send out snaps, 'grams, tweets and the like. "I've always been very true to sharing what makes me excited," she said.

We expect Gigi's squad to be there — Bella, Karlie, Kendall, etc. Hilfiger namedropped Taylor Swift this morning, saying he was working on securing a seat for the pop star.

For the rest of us mere mortals, on Saturday from noon to 8pm, Tommy Pier will open up to the public for shopping and rides. Gigi Hadid is rumored to be stopping by!