11:10 a.m.
Cue a round-up of Instagrams with captions that say things like "après-chic." The Park Avenue Armory has been transformed into an Alpine village with snow capped mountains and pine trees, which make a fitting backdrop for the tartan plaid that surfaces in every Tommy Hilfiger collection. If only it were this pretty outside the show!

11:35 p.m.
The first look? Surprise surprise, it's plaid. An olive parka, check dress and hiking boots opens the lineup of rugged, outdoorsy looks. The clothes are steeped in Americana, these aren't St. Mortiz snow bunnies. Instead, the vaguely vintage-flavoured duffle coats, shearling jackets, chunky sweaters, fair isle knits and fleece dresses have a sporty athleticism to them that imply Tommy's girls do more than sip hot chocolate inside a lodge. The mix of mountaineering and country Western references work well, giving his sportswear a sense of newness and taking it away from his usual collegiate territory. You have to give him credit for reinventing his trademarks season after season. And it doesn't get more classic Hilfiger than this.


The scene
The street style scene outside the show borders on ridiculous with one security guard yelling at a peacock posing in traffic, "that picture won't look so good when you get hit by a car." True.

Major trends
Blanket references in the form of dresses, skirts and coats

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