Whether you’re gifting them to someone else or sending them to yourself, what is better than getting food delivered to your door? From monthly healthy snacks to weekly prepared meals, there is a subscription box to please every foodies' likes and needs.

1.) Hello Fresh - $9.99 a meal

Hello Fresh offers natural ingredients that can combine to make different recipes of your choosing. The best part is that you can pick a meal plan based on your dietary preferences, schedule and family size. You can even chose how often you receive deliveries (Mon – Sat) and what time they come.

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2.)Love with Food - $7.99 a month

Love with Food helps you discover snacks that are better for you by sending monthly boxes of organic, all-natural or gluten-free snacks to your home or office. You can feel good about your purchase too! Love with Food donates to organizations that aim to stop hunger like Feeding America and the global Food Banking Network.

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3.) Blue Apron - $9.99 a serving

If you struggle deciding what to make for dinner every night, Blue Apron will chose for you. Every week, Blue Apron will help you expand your palette and teach you how to cook by sending new meals and recipes with fresh ingredients and step by step cooking directions to your door.

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4 .) Graze – $12 a month

Graze can help you find a new healthy go- to snack. From nuts to fruits and even chocolate, every month, eight crave worthy nutritionist-approved snacks will be sent to your door.

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5. ) Carnivore Club - $55 a month

For meat lovers, this subscription is a no-brainer. Each month you’ll receive a mix of the finest artisan cured handcrafted meats so you can satisfy cravings and try new favorites.

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6.) Treatsie - $20 a month

If you feel like you’ve tried every sweet out there, think again. Treatsie will send you monthly boxes of artisan sweets from small labels and undiscovered brands to bring you a new type of sugar rush.

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7.)Taste Trunk - $39.00 and up

Tast trunk is a must for anyone who has a favorite type of food. Members get gourmet food each month with a theme of their choosing - gourmet, sweet, BBQ or healthy.

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