Twitter is a micro-blogging service, a worldwide phenomenon and a medium that is embraced by almost 20 percent of Internet users. It’s also a place where people form relationships and do business in an open environment. Although when you first register, you will be greeted by such personalities and brands as Oprah, Ashton Kutcher, and CNN, your focus should be on people in your industry.


How to get started:


1 Complete your entire profile, including your picture, a very short bio, your location and a link to the Web site or blog that best represents you as a brand on These fields are all important because it’s how people will find you, as well as makes you look legitimate.


2 Create a custom background to support your profile using, so that you stand out among other job seekers.


3 Locate people in your industry at the companies you want to work for and in your neighborhood using Follow all of them.

4 Start Tweeting advice, quotes, links on what you’re passionate about and your expertise, daily. You should be sending a minimum of five Tweets per day in order to stand out on Twitter.

5 Use Twitter for networking by re-tweeting and “@ replying” to the people you want to connect with.

6 Direct message hiring managers that you’ve had conversations with and express interest in working for them or their company.

—Dan Schawbel
is the leading personal branding expert for Gen-Y and author of “Me 2.0.” Follow him on Twitter@DanSchawbel.