The hasthag #DearPopeFrancis was trending worldwide Tuesday.Getty Images

Writing a letter to Santa is so last millennium. All those wishful requests are being sent via Twitter, directed at the one man who seems actually capable of doing the impossible.


Twitter users are posting their holiday wishes, big and small, with the hastag #DearPopeFrancis. The pope was recently credited with playing a major part in normalizing relations between Cuba and the U.S., which plan to reopen limited trade and allow more travel to the previously isolated Communist country. President Obama made the announcement on Dec. 17, the pope’s birthday.


He may not have a beard or wear red, but that’s some pretty impressive maneuvering. ​


How about some more festive cheer?


You gotta get your big break however you can.

And your team into the playoffs (though we’re not sure about threatening to switch sides as a tactic).

Television is a fickle business, but the right nudge has been shown to get results.

And while we’re all on Twitter…

Amid all the wishing, many people took the opportunity to give something back.