Who says there’s only one way to make a cheeseburger?Delicatessen

Imaginative appetizers like Korean fried chicken and cheeseburger spring rolls are available for delivery from Delicatessen, as is neighboring macbar’s selection of 12 mac&cheeses – even the Classic is made with three kinds of cheese, so don’t expect a one-note bite. One tray feeds about 20.

Place your orders by Jan. 29 at Talde for pick-up on Sunday of various size platters heaping with Kung Pao wings, char siu spare ribs, pork belly bao , dumplings and, of course, an Asian take on guac and chips.

Chips out of a bag? Don’t be basic. Get a proper Super Bowl Platter ($24) from Breads Bakery with three kinds of crispy bites like baguette chips, cumin sticks, mini olive sticks or spicy cheese straw bites, and a choice of their housemade dips.

Pizza Italia is offering 15 percent off regular menu prices in addition to two classic Italian platters that feed 4-6 ($55) or 8-10 ($105).


Planning to go all-out? Instead of ordering it all from one place and knowing that someone else makes better guacamole, or the wings may be great but you really want the ribs from another place, FoodyDirect has done all the game-day curating for you with some of the best local (Mile End Deli) and out-of town eats (Duff’s Famous Wings).

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